Silidyn Rejuvenate uses a unique blend of nutrients like Ortho Silicic Acid (OSA), MSM, Manganese, Zinc, Boron, and Selenium that play an essential role in supporting the body to be young and healthy. The formula is perfectly suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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What Will Silidyn Rejuvenate Do for Me?

The vitamins included in the formula are excellent in providing support for the following that seems unattainable with our busy lives:

  • Antioxidant effect
  • Cell regeneration
  • Connective tissue
  • Healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Immune system
  • Maintenance of strong bones

How Does Silidyn Work?

The major ingredient in the Silidyn Rejuvenate formula is Ortho Silicic Acid (OSA), a highly absorbable and the recommended form Silicon. Other ingredients enhance and support its effects.

Why Silicon?

Silicon is an indispensable element for our bodies that benefits our bones and muscles while aiding the growth of bones and healthy skin and hair. A deficiency in silicon becomes visible as the skin and hair loses elasticity and strength and become weak and brittle.

As we age, we lose the silicon that keeps our body strong and supple. And because silicon is not produced by the body, as these sources are depleted, they cannot be replenished.

Ortho Silicic Acid provides the body the Silicon it needs to stay beautiful inside out.  Bio-available Silidyn® Ortho Silicic Acid (OSA) is a superior form of silicon that has been developed to contribute to the effective support and healthy maintenance of hair, skin, bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Ortho Silicic Acid (OSA) has a high absorption rate and has a positive effect on muscle tone, joint mobility, collagen production, improved hair, skin and nails and detoxification of toxic metals.

Why Can’t I Just Take Silicon From Natural Sources?

After Oxygen, Silicon (Si) is the most common mineral on earth and makes up almost 28% of the earth’s crust. Despite its abundance in nature, Silicon is not accessible in a bio-available form that our bodies can digest and utilize its nutrients for their maximum potential.

What Is The Best Absorbable Form Of Silicon?

The best absorbable form of silicon are ‘silicic acid monomers”, also called “Ortho Silicic Acid”.  It is known that silicon is present in large numbers in nature. It is also known that this common form is not or only very poorly biologically absorbable. This means that the body requires lots of nutrition in order to obtain a daily dosage of silicon. This is not doable in practice. The uniqueness of stabilized silicic acid,

is that this form of silicon in high concentrations does not polymerizes to form a gel. It retains its solubility and absorption and due to its concentrated form the human body only needs 8-­10 drops per day.

How Dose Silidyn® Rejuvenate Formula Work for My Body?

For Your Inner Health

Selenium ·         Contributes to the normal function of the immune system

·         Contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress

·         Supports the maintenance of normal hair and nails

Zinc ·         Supports the immune system

·         Contributes to maintenance of normal bones, skin, hair and nails

·         Plays a role in the process of cell division

Boron ·         Helps maintain strong bones (with Zinc)
MSM ·         Supports the elasticity of the connective tissue between the joints


For Your Outer Beauty

Manganese ·         Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones

·         Supports formation of connective tissue

Zinc ·         Supports cell division

·         Helps maintain healthy hair, nails and skin

Evaluation Of The Influence of Ortho Silicic Acid (Silidyn)

Vedax International BV open study on the complete product Silidyn “A controlled evaluation of the influence of ortho silicic acid (Silidyn) on vitamin and mineral status of patients measuring HMA”  indicates that Silidyn OSA silicic acid is absorbed and that it has a positive effect on muscle tone, joint mobility, collagen production, improved hair skin and nails and detoxification of toxic metals. With a reduction of stress and improved sleeping patterns.