In 2004, Silidyn launched in the Netherlands by Vedax International BV after extensive research at a university in Belgium on the effects of silicon deficiency on connective tissue. 


Stabilized ortho silicic acid (OSA) is the only form of the mineral that is completely absorbed by the human body. Silidyn is stabilized through a patent-protected process with carnitine (Silidyn Original/Rejuvenate) and Choline (Silidyn Energy/Energize). Silidyn is in accordance with all EU/EFSA guidelines.

The corporate offices of Vedax International BV are located in Amsterdam in the former Noach Kerk. This church was renovated under architectural design and supervision in Art Decostyle. The influence of the famous artist and painter Mondriaan can clearly be seen in this beautifully restored building. 

The basic principle of Vedax is to develop, manufacture and supply high quality Silidyn® with the objective of maintaining and optimizing good health, high vitality and well-being in humans. Therefore, Vedax collaborates with laboratories and scientists affiliated with scientific institutes around the world. Together with a group of international health experts and scientists, Vedax supplies OSA Silidyn® composed of the very best and patented ingredients.

From the start Silidyn® has been a commercial success. Consumers that use Silidyn notice the first positive effects generally within the consumption of the initial bottle. Silidyn is available from every drugstore, pharmacy and health food store in the Netherlands.

In 2011 Vedax started to develop the export markets and currently Silidyn is exported to Belgium, France, Spain, Czech Republic, UK, Sweden, Greece, Israel, Russia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

This rapid development is still increasing.

Silidyn is now available in the US, exclusively through Silidyn USA.